Scope for Retired Professionals in Business

According to Pollock & Associates Chief Executive Officer, Caz Pollock, this situation could potentially be remedied by being creative with employment solutions.

Put more simply, South African organisations should seriously consider making the most of senior professionals before sending them off into retirement with a gold Rolex on their wrist.

“Retired engineers and financial executives have a wealth of experience gained at senior management level and are often ready and willing to share their knowledge with younger, up and coming professionals”.

To that end, it is vital that organisations take care to nurture senior talent by offering competitive packages and clear routes of self-development within the business. In doing so, business will not only secure the counsel and guidance required to succeed, but will also cultivate long term success as employees retire and younger, less experienced individuals take their place.

With this in mind, it may be prudent for organisations to begin pursuing skills transfer academies which make ageing professionals feel valued whilst making the most of their insights. For example, a qualified professional may be a primary candidate for mentoring and preparing a promising young employee for a promotion.

Taking these steps would not only equip new recruits with valuable hands on experience while preparing the business for a successful future.

In closing, perhaps the old idiom suggesting that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” should be banished from the hallways of business throughout South Africa. We certainly think so.

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