3 Basic Job Interview Tips for Graduates

Pollock & Associates Chief Executive Officer, Caz Pollock, believes that “contrary to popular belief, lack of preparation for an interview, not lack of work experience, is one of the most common reasons Graduates do not get the position they are applying for.”

So how does one ensure that this entry barrier is not limiting your potential? Here are three basic tips to get you started:

Be prepared

Many candidates will go into an interview with a firm grasp of their own skills, experience and personal accomplishments. While this is obviously necessary, those that really shine are the individuals that are able to look closely at their own qualifications, and cross reference them against the specific requirements of the job they are applying for.

Before heading into the interview, read the job description carefully, and make sure you have a thorough understanding of what your potential employer is looking for. If you can effectively do this, then you are better prepared to show the interviewer exactly why you are better suited for the job than anyone else waiting in line.

Be on Time

This is basic Job Interview 101 protocol. If you can’t show that you are courteous and reliable the first time you meet your perspective employer, then you are unlikely to get a second chance to do so.

While it may seem obvious, it’s a recurring issue that many employers complain about, so make sure you are not limiting your potential by shutting the door before you even arrive. Make sure you know exactly where you are meeting, and give yourself and extra 30 minutes to get there. If possible, drive past the interview location the day before.

Dress Appropriately

People judge each other by their appearances – there is just no getting around this fact. So when you are trying to make a positive impression, make sure that what you are wearing communicates the right kind of message. The interviewer will take note of what you are wearing, and how well kept you are. Ideally you should find out what the company in question’s dress code is, and dress accordingly.

So we’ve covered the three basics of nailing the all important job interview. If you can get these three things right, then you are on track to maximizing your chances of getting a second interview. Next week we will look at some of the more specific, commonly asked questions that you should be considering in preparation for your next job interview.

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