Three Personality Types Who Struggle to Get Hired

Millions of South Africans struggle to find employment, and there are almost an infinite number of reasons for this. You might be under qualified or over qualified. You might not have the experience the employer is looking for, or maybe your skill set just doesn’t quite match up to the requirements of the job. Often the case, however, is more personality orientated. It’s easy to get caught up in how you feel about yourself, at the expense of how you come across in person. The reality is that employers will consider the type of person you are very carefully before considering offering you the position you want, and with that in mind, here are three personality types that we see scaring off recruiters, time and time again, courtesy of Mark Babbitt, CEO and Founder of Youtern.

 “The Ego”

Often what scares of recruiters, is an overwhelming sense of inflated ego from a candidate. The Ego personality type is typically the sort of person that came from a good school and enjoyed a wealthy upbringing. They often have high expectations, but offer little in the way of real value. “Entry-level” doesn’t work for these people, and the idea of starting at the bottom is not an option, despite the fact there is nothing about them that suggests they should be working anywhere else. The good news, is that if you are one of these people, all you need to do is gain some self awareness. Take a step back and look at your experience and skill set honestly and realistically. Then, base your expectations on that. Accept the fact that no matter what preconceived ideas you have of yourself, you need to base you value to a company in terms of what you actually have to offer them.

 “The Victim”

On the opposite end of the spectrum to The Ego, is The Victim. These people have an unrealistic sense that the world is out to get them, and that they repeatedly do not get what they deserve. They feel like nothing is their fault, and that no matter what they do, things will never go their way. It’s easy to spot a victim because they will automatically blame external factors for their situation, without taking any responsibility for the way things are. They will be quick to point out the fact that their old boss was unreasonable, or their last job placed unfair pressure on them. Again, the key to snapping out of this sort of negative thinking is to become self aware. Take a step back and accept responsibility for the way things are. Essentially victims need to stop playing the blame game, and face reality.

 “The Stalker”

The Stalker is one who is so eager to impress that they come across as desperate. In an interview, they will be hyper aware of what they think the recruiter wants to hear, and they will forgo their honest thoughts and feelings about things. The Stalker will apply for the same job 16 times in three weeks, and continue to pester the recruiter for days after the interview has ended. If you think you’re a bit of a Stalker, all you need to do is “relax”, and stop letting your desperation show. If you catch yourself being overbearing or forceful, take a breath and slow down. 

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