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Last night, the President of our country addressed the nation to introduce stringent new measures in the effort to curb the spread of COVID-19 across South Africa. Whilst not entirely unexpected, the immediacy and breadth of the required action reflects the seriousness of the situation facing all of us, both on a personal and business level. The timeframe to implementation of the national lockdown, is one which may leave many companies racing to sustain their business operations.

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The importance of a friendly working environment

The idea that working environments should be integrating stronger social dynamics is one which has captured a lot of momentum in recent years. Obviously there is a clear distinction between a social environment and a working environment, however, many argue that a working environment benefits greatly by incorporating more relaxed, personal, and friendly influences.

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Asking for a precise number during salary negotiations can give you the upper hand

It's a question that many job seekers ask, especially in the early years of their career: "How much should I ask for?" Naturally, it's a difficult question to answer, and there are a host of variables which need to be taken into consideration.

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Happy managers are good managers

A recent report published by the Institute of Leadership & Management showed, unsurprisingly, that there is a clear correlation between being happy at work, and performing well. This was particularly true of people involved in managerial positions.

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The importance of making mistakes

One of the most difficult challenges associated with running and growing a business is managing staff. Specifically, good leaders know how to get the best out of their employees. They know how to take a person's raw talent and facilitate their professional growth.

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Modernise Your CV: A Few Tips

In highly competitive job markets,  when looking to hire employers are typically inundated with countess CVs. Often, many of these CVs do not meet the basic requirements of the job description, and sorting through piles and piles of  applications can be exhausting  and frustrating.

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Practical experience a stumbling block for local graduates

According to Catherine Wijnberg, Director and founder of the Fetola Foundation, the recent reported decrease in local unemployment figures of 0.1% does not actually reflect a decrease in  unemployment in South Africa. The 2012 fourth quarter labour survey reports that unemployment figures in South Africa dropped from 25% to 24.9% in late 2012.

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Pranks in the Office

Sometimes, it’s impossible not to have a little fun at work. Most of us spend the majority of our waking hours stuck in the office. Sometimes, it’s impossible not to have a little fun.

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5 simple steps to improve your job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is an incredibly important thing, given that most employed people spend the majority of their waking lives at work. Often external factors are blamed for professional discontent, but in reality, how fulfilled and happy you are at in the office comes largely from your own attitude and approach to the situation. 

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How Successful People Spend Their Weekends

Sometimes it can be hard to wind down when the week is over.  The daily pressures associated with work, family and living in a connected society often worm their way into our weekends, eating at time which should be spent recharging our batteries.

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Three Personality Types Who Struggle to Get Hired

Millions of South Africans struggle to find employment, and there are almost an infinite number of reasons for this. You might be under qualified or over qualified. You might not have the experience the employer is looking for, or maybe your skill set just doesn't quite match up to the requirements of the job. 

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Not all Doom and Gloom for SA’s Job Market

Although the South African macroeconomic environment has experienced a downward turn since the events of 2008/2009 rattled the international financial community, the demand for skilled and experienced individuals within specialized fields is at an all time high.

This is according to the results of Adcorp Holdings’ recently released Staffing Industry Employment Index, which has shed light on growing trends within the South African employment environment during the course of the past four years.

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Are you falling out of love with your job?

Everything looks good on paper: you love your office, your boss is great, and so are the people you work with. But something is missing. Despite the fact that you are happy with your salary, and you are doing good work, it feels like the spark is gone. The same problem is more commonly attributed to relationships, and that’s because jobs are similar to relationships in the way that you need to work at keeping yourself interested and emotionally invested in them.

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Preparing for an Interview: Part 2

We recently highlighted 3 basic tips that all graduates should keep in mind before going into their first interviews. This time, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the more specific questions prospects should expect to be asked by potential employers. 

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The Ever Evolving Role of the Modern CFO

In the past 50 years, the role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has swiftly become far more complex than ever before. 

Today, individuals in this line of work are required to be heavily involved in more than just financial scorekeeping on behalf of the organisations they represent.

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3 Basic Job Interview Tips for Graduates

While universities and schools may provide graduates with the necessary knowledge and basic skill-set required to excel at their chosen profession, these institutions do little to prepare young individuals for what remains one of their most daunting challenges before being employed: the job interview.

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Scope for Retired Professionals in Business

In a skills vacuum, it would seem illogical to allow experienced individuals possessing proficiencies in valuable disciplines to drift into retirement without sharing their knowledge. 

Although South Africa is not entirely without skilled professionals, it is no secret that sectors such as engineering and finance are in dire need of ‘new blood’ to fuel the economic growth which has characterised our post-apartheid democracy.

This trend has exacerbated by the challenges associated with introducing greater diversity into the workplace. Although there may be many young, qualified BEE individuals willing to learn – there are simply not enough senior figures available to mentor them.

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Striking a Healthy Balance

With 2012 behind us and the new working year in full swing, it is important to take stock of valuable lessons learned during the course of the past twelve months.

One of the most significant emerging employment trends we have identified is a growing focus on striking a healthy balance between work and play.

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SA Skills Shortage – Are Quota Work Permits the Answer?

Despite high rates of unemployment and a growing wealth divide, South Africa continues to face an alarming shortage of core professional skills – particularly within the engineering and financial sectors. 

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How to Prepare for an Interview

Preparing for a job interview can be a nerve wracking experience for the most senior of candidates. 

Even if you’ve occupied the ‘hot seat’ on several occasions in the past, the opportunity to offer a positive first impression to prospective employers is often accompanied by feelings of anxiety and apprehension.

Although these emotions are a natural response to a potentially unpredictable social situation, there are several methods you can use to ensure that your personality and experience shine through in the interview room.

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