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Our client based in Johannesburg is seeking a Supply Chain Manager who has managed a supply chain network including trade compliance and enterprise cost optimisation, in the FMCG/Retail sectors.  A high level of experience and understanding of the latest supply chain concepts and methodologies across forecasting/inventory, logistics warehousing and distribution and purchasing management is essential. 

• Relevant degree would be required
• Supply Chain Management certification is strongly preferred. 
• Experience managing and improving supply chain data, information and processes.
• Top-level understanding of all aspects of supply chain processes
• Ability to research companies and determine the best vendors to reach out to for various projects.
• Previous experience with Supply Chain Management is essential
• Experience working in and maintaining databases using Microsoft Excel and others relevant to company processes.
• Manage and minimise the risks (for example operational or reputational) that could affect or interrupt the supply chain.
• Consider the environmental impact of the supply chain in order to meet sustainability targets.

Job Duties

Key Result Areas 
• Seek to improve all aspects of the supply chain department by reviewing current methodology and processes.
• Improve the overall supply chain performance and look for any possible innovations to the process.
• Plan and implement supply chain optimization projects. 
• Implement new technologies and stay alert to new trends and developments in the sector.
• Develop new and existing relationships with suppliers.
• Work closely with the IT department to create effective databases to manage and organize warehouse inventory.
• Research and seek out the most cost-efficient shipment procedures and methods. 
• Work with procurement managers and buyers to source the right products.
• Negotiate contracts with suppliers. 
• Control manufacturing and delivery processes
• Plan and implement logistical strategy, ensuring targets are met.
• Oversee product storage, handling and distribution.
• Use computer software to track goods from origin to delivery.
• Work on forecasts and inventories, keeping an accurate record of the process and analysing performance.
• Manage the costs involved while maintaining quality. 

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