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Assume responsibility as the Group CEO for the leadership of the Group. Manage the existing business, ensuring effective strategic direction and the continued financial soundness of the Group. As Group CEO you would need to develop new revenue opportunities and new markets and to strategise creatively and work collaboratively with the Shareholders to leverage the solid reputation currently enjoyed into new opportunities.  You will be tasked to target bold, aggressive growth within the BPO space, including offshoring both inbound and outbound. As a senior, trusted management figure you must have a good strategic judgement in taking the company into new areas of the business to diversify revenue and profit streams. 

• At least five years’ experience in either managing a business in its entirety or running a large BPO division within a company which is independent of the support of a head office structure.
• Strong preference for candidates from mid-size companies as opposed to large corporate environments 
• Must have had at least three years’ experience working at Director level within a private company and be familiar with reporting to and working with shareholders of the business 
• Must be comfortable working in an environment where consensus building with the shareholders, who are still actively involved in the business, is a natural part of the management process 
• Must understand how to formulate and execute business plans and strategies  
• A deep understanding of sales and how to enable and manage a large team of sales consultants is a serious advantage. Must be able to motivate large numbers of staff in order to maximise results 
• Good understanding of service experience and the processes required (necessary at Group level) 
• A desire to work with and develop young people in a high-performance environment is important 
• A strong focus on the implementation of entrepreneurial initiatives 
• Experience implementing modern technology (with a pragmatic understanding of how technology can leverage a business) 
• Candidate should be highly numerate, analytical and commercially driven 

Job Duties

• Assume responsibility for the effective leadership and management of the business 
• Lead the overall company strategy development, refinement and implementation 
• Work effectively and in cooperation with direct reports to provide creative ideas and to understand the financial risks and implications of decisions  
• Diversify the profit streams of the business to make the business less reliant on its key customers through a combination of organic growth and possibly strategic acquisitions. 
• The incumbent should be able to identify and implement available software or technology opportunities to leverage process, technology and product across the Group 
• Ensure that consistency is maintained in terms of the day-to-day operations of the business 
• Effect any change required within the business in order to implement the business strategy 
• Quickly gain an understanding of the particular risks inherent in the Company’s business model and implement mitigation processes and procedures. 
• Ensure overall effective business risk management including client contractual arrangements 
• Remain abreast of regulatory changes which may impact on the nature of the company’s business 
• Manage the cash plan within the business and if necessary, engage with Shareholders to meet the strategic need for funding 
• Motivate, mentor and guide direct reports and ensure ongoing effective people management and development within the organization 
• Contribute towards the overall growth and seriously increase the profitability of the Group 
• Engender a style of management that encourages an ethos of excellence and a mindset of continuous improvement 

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