Metallurgical Engineer

Kwa Zulu Natal – South Africa

Are you an experienced Metallurgical Engineer seeking an exciting career opportunity in Newcastle?
Look no further! We are currently seeking a qualified individual with a Bachelor’s degree (BSc Honours/B-Eng.) in Metallurgical Engineering and a minimum of 5 years of experience to join the team.
In this role, you will develop and implement maintenance repair strategies, assess budgetary requirements, and compile oven repair budgets. You will also manage the collection of operational parameters, analyse data for optimisation, and monitor welders’ work quality. Additionally, you will optimise oven availability, control maintenance activities, and contribute to BI wave execution within the responsibility area.
You will possess strong analytical, problem-solving, and coordination abilities. You should be customer-focused, committed to quality, and have excellent communication skills. Project management experience and proficiency in SAP, Word, and Excel are essential.