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Who You Are?

You will be in possession of a relevant degree/diploma with a minimum of 5-10 years’ experience in marketing. Prior leadership experience within a creative department/agency and significant creative design experience as well as considerable knowledge of the retail market. You will be responsible for overseeing of strategic retail initiatives that will support the development of growth plans and profitability goals.

• Strong retail marketing knowledge, including visual merchandising
• Understanding of the retail Consumer Journey. 
• Awareness of various retailers' strategies and understanding of how they affect the retailers' ability to land commercial strategy
• Good understanding of Omni-channel marketing and digital
• Project management skills including involvement of the market’s management teams and cross-functional collaboration
• Strong creative, presentation, and collaborative skills 
• Customer focused and flexible with good relationship-building skills
• Be performance-orientated, high resilience, ability to adapt to change and a solution-focused approach

Job Duties

What YOU will be required to do!
• Developing a shopper marketing strategy for clients based on shopper insights
• Overseeing beginning to end multi-channel shopper marketing campaigns
• Build creative solutions related to marketing needs (In-store communication, Merchandising, store layout, Product Imagery) from briefing to design, planning, production and distribution
• Managing various marketing campaign projects 
• Tailoring shopper marketing campaigns according to insights from consumers
• Delivering activation plans that span the entire shopper journey
• Establish data tracking mechanisms to drive data-driven insights in order to improve the experience and increase engagement
• Managing brand budgets and maximising return on investment
• Stay ahead of developments in retail, customer experience, and technology

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