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Our client is seeking a Cost Accountant with excellent analytical skills to manage vast amounts of numerical data in order to calculate profit margins and recommend avenues for minimizing costs. The post forms a critical cog between three departments: Finance, Operations and Buying, and Imports.  
• BSc or Bachelors Degree in related field
• 6+ years’ experience
• Must have strong cost systems background and have excellent analytical skills and solid understanding of accounting principals
• Advanced Excel skills non-negotiable

Job Duties

Key Result Areas:
• Work closely with the Ops Director and Imports in costing and pricing of product range
• Plan budgets and prepare reports for multiple departments within a company
• Project profit margins for upcoming quarters and analyse trends of highs and lows
• Prepare cost forecasts for monthly, quarterly, or annual operating schedules
• Analyse month-end and year-end reports to identify and recommend cost-effective improvements
• Analyse product trends to inform purchasing requirements
• Conduct inventory reserve analysis on a quarterly basis and generate reports
• Collect and organize cost information into a database of expenses
• Review JE carefully for anomalies and other inconsistencies
• Establish standard costs and update them appropriately
• Construct systems to accumulate and monitor data
• Suggest changes to policies or procedures to increase cash flow
• Review receipts and compare with actual charges to detect inaccuracies
• Review rates of depreciation, labour and overhead and suggest policy changes to improve numbers

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