Bank/Fin Services/Insurance
Pretoria – Gauteng – South Africa

Transformative Leader Driving Financial Excellence
We are seeking more than just a seasoned CFO with a strong banking and financing background. You will embody a unique blend of financial acumen, strategic vision, and operational agility. As the CFO, you will not only ensure financial stability, source funding, and credit vetting but also serve as an innovative strategic partner to the CEO.
In this role, you will easily navigate complex regulatory environments, maintaining excellent relationships with industry regulators while driving compliance and risk management initiatives. In addition to traditional CFO responsibilities, you will be instrumental in shaping corporate strategy, contributing to cross-disciplinary initiatives, and optimising organisational processes and systems.
We envision this position encompassing the traditional CFO functions within financial services while incorporating elements of COO duties. Your ability to function seamlessly across disciplines and a deep understanding of project management will be critical to your success.
If you’re a forward-thinking leader ready to drive financial excellence and strategic innovation, apply now and transform the future of this organisation.
Key Qualifications and Experience:
  • CA qualification (Essential)
  • Treasury certification (Recommended)
  • MBA in Business Administration (Desirable)
  • 10-12 years in operational finance, 5-8 years in financial management
  • Strong leadership, strategic thinking, and financial services industry knowledge