Are you falling out of love with your job?


“Losing the spark is not uncommon,” says Pollock & Associates Chief Executive Officer Caz Pollock. 

“People want to achieve great things and sometimes they lose the spark in their current jobs as they believe the only way to achieve great things is to find new challenges.”

“They neglect to see how they can accomplish many things in their current jobs.”

Pollock firmly believes that often people who are losing their drive at work can often resolve this problem by asking themselves the following:

- How did I get to this point?
- What are my goals?
- Do I really like what I do?
- If I leave my current job, will the feeling go away?
- If the feeling disappears, would I still leave my current job?

“Identify the opportunities and positive elements you have in your current job,” says Pollock.

“Before taking the life-changing step to change jobs, you should analyse why you feel anxious and unhappy and whether or not it is possible to fix your troubles at your current place of employment.”

So, if you are starting to feel unmotivated at work, instead of daydreaming about finding a new job, it might be better to take a step back, look at your current situation objectively, and make sure that the real solution is not staring you in the face. Sometimes an attitude adjustment and some fresh perspective is all you need.

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